Our Favourite Places in France

Arc de TriompheBeing married to a French person means that we visit France more than any other country. We tend to go to Brittany more than anywhere else in the country due to the fact that my wife’s family live there.

Brittany is a lovely part of France. My favourite places include St Malo and Dinan.

Dinan is a medieval town and the Fête des Remparts is well worth a visit. It is usually on around the end of July.

St Malo is where we tend to sail to when going via Brittany Ferries although we do tend to travel back from Caen as we prefer the time of the ferry from there.

St Malo castle walls

If you do visit St Malo and you love a pizza you must try “Le Café de St Malo” which is pictured below. According to my two sons the pizzas are almost as good as you get in Rome!

Le Cafe de St Malo


We have been to Paris numerous times and always enjoy a visit up the Eiffel Tower. The views, as you can see below, are stunning.

view from the Eiffel Tower


Other places to see include the Arc de Triumpe which you can find at the western end of the Champs-Élysées.

Arc de Triomphe

On our first visit to Paris we decided that walking would be the best way to see the city but take my advice you will see lots more if you take the metro. You will save time and you won’t be as tired as we were in the evening!

If you are travelling to France you really should try to learn some French if you can’t already speak the language. Here are some useful resources for you:

Learn the French Alphabet

Learn French