5 Luxury Holidays from Around the World


There are few parts of this Earth that do luxury travel quite as well as South East Asia. In particular, the welcoming smiles and service ethic of the people involved in the tourist industry in Thailand should be used to teach the rest of the world. Thailand benefits from astonishing diversity, from idyllic island and coastal resorts, to intense and vibrant jungle treks and cities jam-packed with cultural experiences and delicious cuisine to explore, Thailand really is unique. Whether it is the idea of the charming floating markets or simply floating in impossibly warm, blue waters and relaxing on soft white sand gazing out to sea that grabs you, Thailand should be very near the top of any list when it comes to a luxury holiday. Khao Sok National Park, a 160-million-year-old rainforest, provides a fabulous place for a luxury stay and is home to elephants, hornbills and rare rafflesia (the world’s largest flower).For something totally different, why not spend part of your trip at the Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park, where those of a piscatorial inclination can wet their lines in search of unspeakable monsters!

The Maldives

The Maldives - Yasawa Princess

The Maldives are situated in the Indian ocean near to India and Sri Lanka.

A great way to see the Maldives is to go on a Maldives cruise package such as that offered on the Yasawa Princess which is a dive boat that tours the islands. The Yasawa is a small luxury cruise boat with just 33 cabins offering all inclusive packages. Even if you don’t like diving you will still love this holiday. The Maldives has deep blue seas, turquoise reefs and beautiful white sandy beaches.



Luxury Cruise in Alaska

There aren’t many destinations as perfectly primed for cruising as Alaska. Glistening, diamond-like glaciers, soaring eagles and the freshest, tastiest salmon the world has to offer are just some of the treats in store for those lucky enough to embark on an Alaskan cruise. While in Alaska you can go whale watching in some of the best waters for witnessing the unbelievable bubble-feeding technique used by humpback whales and you may be lucky enough to spot brown bears, especially when the salmon are running. Combine your Alaskan cruise with a visit to Vancouver and maybe even Vancouver and Salt Spring Islands – all of which offer so much. There are jaw-dropping itineraries at every port of call, which combine to make your Alaskan cruise a luxury holiday of a lifetime.

St Lucia

A beautiful island – often overlooked in favour of Seychelles or the Maldives, much of St Lucia is UNESCO territory, with captivating forest and mountain settings and pristine beaches. It is a fabulous place to get married and honeymoon at, so those searching for such a destination need look no further! Rainforest spas with heavenly treatments and luxurious hotels can be found, while freshly caught seafood is truly spectacular. St Lucia is ripe for a two-centred holiday, ideally split 50/50 between the north and south of the island to benefit from the volcanic nature and tranquillity of the south and the denser rainforest of the north along with its more bustling culture. If seclusion, romance and tranquillity are desired on the menu, then they can easily be found and whiling hours away in a hammock in paradise may well dominate your stay!


In Tanzania, the beaches are stunning and the surrounding Serengeti veritably teems with exotic wildlife, making it a perfect candidate for a two-centred luxury holiday that is one-part beach and one-part safari. For the adventurous among us, Africa’s tallest mountain – Kilimanjaro offers tremendous climbing opportunities. The safari experience in Tanzania is unbeatable and for your beach getaway you could even choose to fly to neighbouring Mauritius or Seychelles.